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It’s estimated that 15% of people in our society are considered highly sensitive. That is, they take in sensory information more completely and on a deeper level; running at a higher vibration than others. After much denial I’ve accepted this about myself. I’m not trying to promote myself; believe me I’m only now trying to use my sensitivity for a greater purpose. Everyone has had those “gut” feelings at some point in their lives, but many highly sensitive people never get relief from this experience. This may also explain why I’m so uncomfortable with injustice. I’m just not able to dismiss the feeling that something just doesn’t feel right. Recently I revisited a book which I purchased in my twenties called The Highly Sensitive Person by Dr. Arron. I remember buying it to try and figure out why I don’t seem to fit into this loud, fast, and sometimes down right cruel world. The author pointed out that people with this trait are more profoundly effected by outside stimuli. Noises are louder, lights are brighter (I wear sunglasses when it’s cloudy, don’t use lights at home just candles, and have my husband install dimmers), smells are smellier, and thank you to the inventor of micro fiber blankets. Trust me this is not something I ever wanted people to know especially when I was a kid trying to just be “normal”. It really can be quite exhausting just to exist. Anyway, welcome to my reality. They say many creative people have this trait, or curse, depending how you look at it. As a young adult I was always deeply effected by the pain or discomfort of others and went to great lengths to try and remedy the situation. Fairness and equality are very important to me. Although it is a noble quality, it also can make everyday life exremely challenging. I can remember having very emotionally-charged conversations with others when it came to justice and fairness. It’s not to say that others are insensitive, it’s just pointing out that there are degrees and those who have the highest sensitivity can be extremely valuable to society.

A culture always benefits when some people, usually the HSPs, are concerned about social justice. This is true whether the HSPs approach social issues logically or with feeling. We know that being fair and kind to all will bring the best long-term results for everyone, if for no other reason than we will avoid the wrath and the cost of suppressing those who have been mistreated.
-Dr. Arron

As a child and teenager I mainly focused my energies on those in my personal life, but now I find the events on a global scale are just as important to me. Our culture does not cater to the highly sensitive person, in other words, it’s not a privileged trait. We are a minority. That is why it is so important that we use our gift of intuition and share it with those who are willing to listen. I’ve been ridiculed by many for being too sensitive, even told “you will never make it in this world.” Needless to say that individual is not part of my life anymore. In my 46 years on this earth I’ve managed to keep my defenses in check in order to survive. Even though my sensitivity has made my life more challenging, I, like other HSPs, are here for a reason. My fellow citizens who see and feel the same discord in the world are actively engaged in the truth movement. What we lack in numbers we make up for in steady, determined, persistence. Like the circular vibrations created by a pebble thrown into a pristine pond, the vibrations of truth will radiate across our nation, world, universe. And even though the vibration will weaken the further out it travels, all it takes is another pebble to start new waves until the entire pond dances for truth.

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