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Frequency and vibration are terms I hear a lot lately. Good vibes, bad vibes…what do they really mean and are you sure you know which is which? So good vibes are when one is happy and displaying positive behavior and bad vibes are when one is sad and displaying negative behavior. But are those the only emotions, behaviors, and states of mind for which a vibe can be assigned? How about fear, denial, frustration, ignorance, apathy, unrelenting boastfulness? Some of these are a little harder to pin down. They may be bad vibes acting like good vibes. Pretending to be happy is not high frquencey nor is ignoring the dark side of the world. The world does have a dark side. It’s the law of nature; good/bad, light/dark, up/down, and so on. I’ve found, in my 47 years on this physical planet, this is just how it works. It’s okay to feel sad or angry. Suppressing these feelings is not enlightenment. Facing the darkness in the world creates opportunity to change it.

I’ve lived pretty much all my life as a highly sensitive person. I think I spoke of this before. I feel more than I see or hear. This gift (or curse) has been a challenge for me in ways I never understood before. I now see the effects that a decaying world is truly having on me and I really don’t expect anyone else to understand it just like I shouldn’t claim to truly understand another’s reality. I’m not very good at managing the sadness and anger that are very natural emotions to have when one is in touch with the truth about this country and the crimes against its own people. Believe it or not, anger is a real human emotion that people feel when a wrong has been done. Not allowing these emotions to be expressed and acknowledged is a mistake. I’ve never been able to just ignore things that don’t feel right. They will taunt me until I explode. I’m not advocating explosive behavior, I need to work on that, but understand that some of us who live day after day year after year as a highly sensitive person, absorbing every frequency that surrounds us is a daunting task. Tell me that wouldn’t be a challenge to constantly be filtering through all the sensory input in a world run by evil. Yes, evil, bad stuff, pain of our fellow humans; these things do exist to an unconscionable degree right now all over the world. Much of the true news is hidden from the masses, but it’s there if you look. In my opinion, it’s everyone’s responsibility to care about what’s happening outside of ourselves. We are all in this together and ignoring it will not make it go away. This truth has come to a tipping point, especially in the last decade or so. I connect with over 1000 people on Facebook from all over the world. That’s the beauty of the Internet. Traveling is not necessary to learn about life in other places. It’s almost better because I hear about the little things in their lives over time, and not just a week or two of touring the most popular attractions. From what I’ve learned, other countries have many of the same issues we have here, but the difference is that the people are paying attention more so than we are. America is the most asleep of all and many just bury their head in the sand.

Activism is the best way to create change. For example, those who are passive would not be benefiting from the activism of those who stood up against GMO’s and GMO labeling. Once again, by not saying anything, you are acquiescing your civil liberties to those who are in power and you are basically allowing them to do so.-IN5D

This is the part of the circle of New Age thought that leaves me frustrated. I don’t like labels but I see a pattern of a very counterproductive philosophy infiltrating the truth. I’m frustrated with the ignorance that will be this country’s and world’s demise. I actually agree with most of the messages that could be called New Agish, and I’ve benefited from the power they hold. There is a limit however. I won’t throw the baby out with the bath water. I really never knew what “New Age” meant until I looked into it and discovered it was this repeated attitude of “just focus on the good and ignore the rest” and “it’s all about the self” I’ve been encountering. I understand taking care of yourself, but I can’t overlook the element of denial that I sense in communities with this basic philosophy. I’m just struggling with the underlying message that hyper focuses on what is good for the self and ignores anything negative outside the self. Ignoring feeds ignorance. Ignorance is low frquencey. Anger is low frequency. Ignorance makes me angry because it shuts down knowledge. Knowledge helps us right the wrong through action. Change ignorance by seeking truth. Truth has no frequency; it’s a constant. The more we accept reality or truth, the higher our frequency will become.

There is a place and time for everything. But this is a time like no other. The world is in serious danger and it’s crunch time to wake up. When is a good time for the truth? Seems like never for many. The purpose of this blog was to help myself but also to help others understand what I see and feel and know through hours of filtering through information, comparing, assessing, analyzing, and making connections. The thing is I can’t force someone to read it, I can only encourage them to. I try to find reasons why a person would not read it. Maybe it’s just they don’t have time or maybe they are not interested or maybe it’s fear of learning something. We all have things we are interested in and tend to seek out information on those topics and beliefs we have. The problem with that is it becomes a hamster wheel of knowledge. It goes around and around, but stays in one place. At this point in time we don’t have that luxury to stay safe in ours walls doing our thing. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to enjoy life when the trees are dying from 20 million tons of aluminum being sprayed from drones in the sky (which is not great for humans either), or when the government allows GMOs and deadly pesticides to be added to our food, when the APA pushes drugs on children and those who are not fitting into the status quo of control, when a child sees her father, who was traumatized by a war that the leaders of this country helped instigate in the name of power and money, suffer the residual effects of  living in a war zone, or when a child witnesses her mother, who had been traumatized by an illness that was very likely bioengineered in this country and paralyzed her for over a year, struggle physically and emotionally every day of her life. My hope is to express what I’ve learned about the serious decay of the world and understnd the reasons for it.

My passion should not be mistaken for hate or negativity. The truth is not negative or positive. It just is. It will not go away. We have to face it, preferably together. I understand the fear, I feel it too, but together we can stop the evil that is sabotaging this planet and all life on it. We have to be practical in the approach and forgive me for not being very good at controlling my passion and frustration in face to face encounters. This is why writing instead of speaking is a better means of expression for me. The issues we face permeate every aspect of our existence making it almost impossible to avoid conversations that are void of the topics. I’m responding to the force of ignorance that provokes a profound sadness in every cell of my being. Forgive me for caring. Forgive me for giving a shit.

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