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Queen Anne’s Lace is a delicate, airy flower with a strong, solid stem and leaves which are finely divided. The flowers are tiny and dull white, clustered in flat, dense umbels with a single deep purple or reddish speck of a bloom just off center. This dark fleck of petals, distracting yet intriguing, is still a mystery to flower enthusiasts. The umbels mimic the overall structure of the flower as a whole and are each an individual, miniature version of the flower itself with the same functions and systems but on a smaller scale. Each cluster is it’s own compartment functioning independently yet alongside the other flower clusters. It’s a botanical community of sorts, made up of miniature versions of itself with each functioning as a self-sufficient entity.

Our human community operates in much the same way. Groups of people working, playing, living. We are all busy going about our day focused on our tasks. Do we really bother to notice anyone’s else’s agenda? We function in our own compartments throughout the day having very little knowledge of what the neighbors are up to. It is also not unlike the manner in which governmental agencies routinely operate. The basis for compartmentalization is the idea that if fewer people know the details of a mission or task, the risk or likelihood that the information will fall into the hands of the opposition is decreased. It’s a way to control information when an unpopular or immoral agenda is involved. As a matter of fact, an estimated 130,000 people worked on the atom bomb but we’re completely unaware of the goal or purpose of the project. When a job is divided into so many small tasks which are accomplished separately with very little interaction between workers, departments, or offices, secrets are much easier to keep. Just as the umbels of this lacey prairie flower create their own self-contained structure, our governing bodies have evolved into secretive networks, but with the most sinister of intentions.

Which brings me to a sobering phenomenon know as Capstone Drills, specifically the one that took place on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Conneticut. In an attempt to convince the naysayers of this unconscionable lie told by our government, I stumbled upon information about these drills which could explain how the lie, known as Sandy Hook, was staged. Most will tend to grasp at straws of rationalization to counter the possibility of a drill presented as real life. I’ve heard some say that it’s not possible to contrive the event because people are just not that smart to pull it off. But it’s not about being smart. It’s about money, death threats, and a corrupt government, especially that of Conneticut. Wolfgang Halbig, a National School Safety Consultant, has made it his mission to expose this lie.

“The American people need to wake up and listen to what these exercises are. A Homeland Security FEMA Capstone Exercise starts at the White House, at the president’s desk, goes all the way through Congress, through the Attorney General, down through the FBI, all the way down to the local government. It is a whole community event, and that’s what I think happened at Sandy Hook.”

So these drills are common and those involved are just practicing, but what they are not aware of is that there is a possibility that it will be “sold” to the public as a real event. I know, pretty awful, right? Unfortunately this psychological operation is being used more and more lately, or maybe I’m just more awake now. The drill is the cover and motive to coordinate all the players or actors. Some, like the parents, are in “the know” because they have to sell out their whole family and take all those fake family photos and then make arrangements to lobby and travel the world the very next week for gun control. Others, like the hired actors, are just there to do a job, but must sign a confidentiality agreement. This explanation is from the website referring to a Capstone Drill:

The exercise is national in scope with the goal of fostering coordination and building relationships prior to an incident occurring. Each exercise cycle varies from drills to functional assessments, and it challenges participants from all levels of government, non-governmental and private sector organizations and other organizations representing the whole community.

The agency defines “actor/role players” as “controllers who simulate members of non-participating organizations, and role play key individuals such as injured personnel. They may come in face-to-face contact with the responders, functioning semi-independently as media reporters, next-of-kin, or injured personnel. They may be members of a control cell with telephone communication being the only interaction with responders.” [DOE G 151.1-1, Vol. 7]

Behind the scenes, top-level officials of these agencies are most likely aware of the deception at some point, but the other hundreds of agency employees are just completing a task, unaware of the sinister goal. The mastermind of these deceptive events is as mysterious as the solitary blemish decorating the visage of Queen Anne’s Lace. However, in nature there is no agenda. The deep purple petals serve and protect the flower in some way, but the entity behind false flags like Sandy Hook, only serves and protects a grand lie.


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