the truth is in the details


The beauty of flowers is undeniable whether it’s a field of poppies, a bunch of daisies, or a single rose. We enjoy their vibrant hues, aromatic fragrances, and ornamental foliage. Personally, I cannot say I ever saw one I didn’t like. That is the purpose of the flower, to attract. Birds, insects, and butterflies cannot resist their tantalizing power either, although for a the more practical purpose of reproducing. Nevertheless, we can all agree that flowers are nature’s most perfect creations. But look closer. They are not all perfect. In fact, some are called imperfect. That is, unlike other flowers that self pollinate, imperfect flowers are either male or female. You would never know by their outward appearance. We just see a beautiful flower, but the mechanisims within it is what defines it’s purpose as a male flower or a female flower to make more flowers. Behind the petals there is a completely unique system at work in each. In the male flower you would find a stamen and anthers, and in the female flower you find filaments, pistil, and stigma. So there is more than meets the eye. It’s the details that tell the true story, which can be very different from the story at a glance.

A glance is what our society is accustomed to. We do not have time to deal with details. Just give me the short version; direct and to the point. I saw a commercial the other day that was literally 4.5 seconds. This is our attention span? I think we are conditioned by these ads to turn off our critical thinking and only tune into short, quick flashes of information. It is very important to be aware of this phenomenon so as not to gloss over pertinent facts. Only when we have the full story, the details, can we make an intelligent judgement of any situation.

As a society we no longer have the luxury of trusting the mainstream news. They have lied too many times. The more they get away with it the more they will continue to lie. The latest big lie took place on December 12, 2012. I first heard of the Sandy Hook Incident from someone at work. I was stunned; stopped dead in my tracks. Then through a phone call I learned that a co-worker was the aunt of one of the victims and they wanted me to know before I found out elsewhere. So we gathered money, sent flowers, all the things you do when this sort of thing happens. It was truly a devastating and difficult year for everyone. I’ve since left this job but decided one night, a year later, to see how the family was getting along and knowing how vocal they were in the political arena, I was interested in how much progress they made. What I found was, to say the least, a shocker. Why were there so many sites dedicated to proving this shooting was a lie? I think it was several hours before I put down my iPad and still could not understand what just happened. Of course, I’m convinced we were lied to about 9/11, but I did not see this coming. Anyway, needless to say, I had a lot of reading and listening to do.

I’m very careful about what choose to believe. Facts are very important, but so is intuition. I’ve spoken about this before and I understand that everyone has different degrees of the ability to sense the authenticity of others. Some have very strong defenses using denial or avoidance of uncomfortable feelings. I suppose for me, I don’t like confrontations any more then the next guy, but often times I choose it as the lesser of the two evils; the other being gut-wrenching anxiety and ruptured brain cells from thinking too much. Well, researching the incident brought many facts to light. One of the most courageous people in the search for truth is Wolfgang Halgib. As a retired School Safety Consultant who played a huge role in changes for school safety after the Columbine Shooting. Here are some questions Mr. Halgib is trying to get answers to but has been shunned, ignored, and threatened. We need the details.

Why were EMTs were not allowed in the school to help the wounded children? Who declared them dead in eight minutes when only a doctor can declare a person legally dead. Who is the “anonymous source” the news referred to when reporting the incident? Why were no medical trauma helicopters called? Why did the FBI classify all information about the case? Where was the footage of the 500+ children that were evacuated? We saw 9 on the news. Why is the order for the port-a-potties classified? Why were there Christmas trees behind the fire station shortly before the shooting which were said to be donated for each child? These are just a few of the questions. The list goes on and on. There is a system at work here that does not want to be found out. After months of reading and analyzing the information I believe that nobody was killed in this incident. That’s the good news. The bad news is we cannot trust the folks who would traumatize the public to further their political agenda nor can we trust the news that reports these staged events appearing innocent as a rose.

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