the seeing tree


I noticed this tree near my house and got out of my car to capture it. There was a powerful urge drawing me to it. Everything in my life seems to be taking on a deeper meaning. There is so much information passing through my mind lately; I will never be the same. I really don’t know what to make of this image. What has drawn me to it? At the risk of sounding paranoid, do you ever feel like we are being watched? I don’t mean by cameras but by some higher presence. Maybe it’s my conscience. Maybe it’s “God”. Maybe it’s Mother Nature herself. My awakening to the reality of this world and the way society is structured by the rich is weighing heavily on my emotions. The thought of people suffering because a few are greedy and have no respect for life, except their own, is a sobering and disturbing reality for me. I really never thought there was so much uneccessary pain inflicted on innocent people in the name of greed. I also, however, feel a presence of goodness too. The good people of the world are, and always have, fought the destructive, careless actions of the 1%. And the all-seeing eye is taking note of our demise, of the suffering and the sadness on this earth. But it also witnesses the love, courage, and kindness of humanity. We must begin to teach the new generations the importance of the earth and all its inhabitants. We will probably always be up against resistance of power and money, but my hope is that as the resistance becomes stronger we the people will also become stronger. It is a numbers game. The more of us that become proactive and really start to speak out and keep the dialogue alive, the better chance we have to remedy it. In a practical sense, we may not have the answers right now but we will have the passion and allow it to be our guide. It’s time to be aware of the slow and subtle deterioration of our world. I saw an image of a polar bear; this incredible, wild, king of the arctic helplessly and desparately holding on to a block of sea ice. The disconnection to these catastrophic changes will inevitably be a death sentence for animals and humanity. The oil companies have control and they are killing us. 9/11 was just the tip of the iceberg, pun very much intended. The oil families are willing to kill a couple thousand people in their own country not to mention the millions of innocent people in other countries to keep their empire going. These folks are getting away with murder and we are letting it happen. There are scientists and environmentalists that dedicate their lives to helping this world survive and offset the greedy people of the world. Many organizations exists to counter what these parasites of society have caused. With the support of compassionate people we have managed to keep our heads above water. But it’s time to hold others accountable too. It’s easy to become apathetic in the face of this challenge. But don’t give in to the messages that are systematically turning our minds to mush. The 1% of this country is stealing our rights to a healthy economy, clean food, and a future for new generations. It’s not an easy truth to accept, but the sooner more of us do the better off we all will be. Although the connection seems obscure and doesn’t seem to effect us or our lifestyle now, in the immediate future, the principle of the matter is as important as the actual circumstances.
The Native Americans had respect for nature. The more industrious a culture becomes the less respect they have for the perfect balance and systems of nature. We are so removed from the natural world that we become strangers to our innate need to connect to the earth. There is something missing in the elite culture that dominates and shapes our society. We are bombarded by ads and signs and destructive messages that keep us slaves to the material world and consumerism. It’s this consumerism that is ruining our earth and our society. The distractions set forth to keep our minds numb and feebly entertained lends itself to the apathy of our citizens. It keeps us isolated and focused too much on ourselves and obsessed with our happiness or lack there of. When will we notice the eyes of the trees with its pleading stare to have mercy on our earth and everything that grows on it. The eyes of the tree made a connection with me.

must teach your children that the ground beneath their feet is the ashes of your grandfathers.
So that they will respect the land, tell your children that the earth is rich with the lives of our kin.
Teach your children what we have taught our children, that the earth is our mother.
Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth.
If men spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves.
~ Unknown ~

The condition of our earth is the indirect result of an apathetic, disconnected population. It breaks my heart to see the suffering of wild animals that are at the mercy of corporations. If this continues there will come a time, probably not in my lifetime, but sooner then we think, when nature will breath her final breath and with her we will perish too. We as a society need to start demanding changes. No more poisoning our food with chemicals, no more planes spraying toxic clouds above, no more factory farms to mass produce cheap food that is killing us and imprisioning the animals that should be free to roam this beautiful earth. It’s time to become more conscious and allow our instincts to guide us through the lies to the truth. So I look in the eyes of the tree and feel it’s hopeful stare and gratitude for seeing eye to eye.

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