nature speaks

Sometimes the silence is deafening. I feel it in the space between me and everyone around me. Those unspoken words silenced by the status quo. The feeling of loneliness increases exponentially when it’s felt in a crowd. The connections between the people in our society are becoming almost nonexistent and it seems the more social problems arise the quieter people get. The more devastating the news the bigger that elephant in the room gets. What the hell is happening? I’ve seen the changes in the past decades, from the layed-back 70s to the materialistic 80s, from the pissed-off 90s to the first decade of the millennium (whatever that’s called), and we all know what it’s famous for. Now we come to the for-God-sake-wake-up decade. Never before has this country faced such a bold and blatant attempt to divide and control its citizens.

“How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.”-Adolf Hitler

I really think our culture thrives on being better, stronger, faster. Is that really what it’s about? There is nothing wrong with healthy competition, but when it divides us it is no longer beneficial and even detrimental to our survival. This is where we can learn from the natural world. In nature everything is connected. Every plant, tree, and insect relies on each other. Humans are so obsessed with making things better and becoming richer when nature has used the same process from the beginning. Nothing needs improvement. We have become, in general, mindless consumers. It’s time to turn off the propaganda tube and look right in front of us. The person there is who we should be talking to about what matters. The lying going on in the news is just absurd. You have to ask, why? Why the lies? Any reasonable person would wonder why the elaborate staging of a horrific mass murder of children, Sandy Hook, would ever take place. There must be a reason, a greater plan,as sick and twisted as it is.  It’s becoming ridiculous, especially to those who have researched the events in great detail. My hope is to, eventually, be able to speak openly without offending. But see, that is part of the plan, which is to make the scenario so horrific that one could not possibly fathom it being untrue; hidden in plain sight, so to speak. This is where the thinking comes in. If 9/11 could be a lie, ANYTHING can be a lie. We need everyone’s attention and concern. All it takes is looking a little deeper, asking questions and, ultimately, making the truth a priority.

I wondered if communication existed between plants. I was amazed at what I found. Even trees look out for each other.

The evidence for plant communication is only a few decades old, but in that short time it has leapfrogged from electrifying discovery to decisive debunking to resurrection. Two studies published in 1983 demonstrated that willow trees, poplars and sugar maples can warn each other about insect attacks: Intact, undamaged trees near ones that are infested with hungry bugs begin pumping out bug-repelling chemicals to ward off attack. They somehow know what their neighbors are experiencing, and react to it. The mind-bending implication was that brainless trees could send, receive and interpret messages.
-Kat McGowen, Wired

Do we as humans think we are above this and mind our own business? Are we conditioned to separate ourselves from each other? I strongly believe that there is a deliberate attempt to keep us as “busy bees”, frantic to accomplish a task or buy a new toy, too busy to even acknowledge each other’s feelings, too afraid to speak about important information, and too manipulated to think freely. We have lost our common sense.

We are good people and we deserve better. We need each other to survive. Personally, I’ve never been more satisfied with my life. I’m happy. I’m loved. I’m warm. I live simply. I want the same for my 5-year-old niece and I’m sure everyone wants the same for those they love who will carry on when we are gone. It hurts to think she or her children may not have the same freedom we have, but are slowly and subtly losing. The folks who think they can create a more perfect world by controlling every person are overlooking the intrinsic value of every human being in the name of power. In nature there is just enough. Not too little not too much. Balanced. No waste. They are not the judge and jury of who is worthy. Nature does not discriminate. The meadow has room for all the flowers and the view is priceless.

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