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Clarity…that’s how I would describe it. When I began this journey I had specific questions about specific events. I found some answers with plenty of evidence to back them up. But along the way I also found answers to questions I didn’t even know I had; information that was frightening and unsettling, yet intriguing and enlightening. At first I was focused on events like 9/11 and Sandy Hook, looking for reasons why the third tower fell like a demolition and why medical helicopters weren’t called to a mass shooting. But little did I know that these events were only symptoms of the disease. I mean, seemingly unrelated events and phenomenon connected in intricate tapestry of eye-opening truth.

Recently, I began to go off the beaten path, not only on my walks in the prairie, but in the forest of my mind. The flashes of blinding light reveals the towering tree of knowledge in this storm of consciousness and insight. The path of thoughts ascends and winds with new discoveries at every turn. So let’s see what else is behind the invisible curtain of deception.

We can all agree that the mind is a powerful tool, but also one that can be manipulated. Based on personal experience, I’m aware of the ability of the mind to transport oneself into a new reality, like having a dream when still awake. During treatment for a so-called manic episode a few years ago, I experienced a profound nostalgic wave of emotion; uncomfortable and disturbing due to its persistence and lingering presence. The neurons that were firing like lightening were, by a powerful pharmaceutical, slowed down so much so that I felt I was reliving some long-forgotten memory from a distant past, in a different place and time. The means by which this experience was induced is irrelevent to my point. The fact is that the mind is the control center which can take it all in or block it all out.

I’m more and more convinced that my off-the-charts anxiety is, in part, the result of a society so against my natural grain that a point comes when it must be released. It becomes rather exhausting to keep up defenses in a world that can be cruel and antagonistic. It’s not to say that illness can’t effect the brain, just like any other body part, but the drugs dished out to people these days is absurd. I think conditions like depression and anxiety have organic origins but are also created and programmed into us through,not only media, but religions based on fear and an education system, which is largely based on rigidly collaborated information, and a heirachy system that reveals new scientific discoveries in a calculated manner, if at all. Our society is forced to live in reptilian-brain survival mode to defend against a profoundly selfish and cold entity of power. I once thought people could do the unthinkable because they simply lack empathy, but I never considered why they lack empathy. There are those who seem to move through life with consistently bad behavior, using people and hurting people. We could blame brain chemsitry or personality disorders, but there may be something deeper than the DSM IV. Just look at the leaders of many countries including our own. Sad, but true. I’ve even wondered how they can even be the same species as others. I now see other possiblities which better explain ruthless behavior behind unnecessary wars based on lies, the hoarding of life-saving technology, and the poisoning of our food supply. Are these individuals even human?

Now consider DNA. It’s what makes us human. An oversimplified comparison would be that of a software program inside the body that expresses its physical characteristics. Much human DNA has quite a bit in common with other nonhuman species and, just like a computer program, it can be manipulated to change the output. Remember cloning? I’m not condoning this practice. I’m simply making my point. It seems to make sense to me, but I know the religious repercussions of this topic so, again, my purpose is not to debate, just to suggest. If you are on board with evolution then you’re convinced that we have evolved from apes. But why rule out other species? I mean reptiles were here long before apes or humans and they still exist. Now that’s a hardy species.

According to Uffe Hellsten of DOE’s Joint Genome Institute, a comparison of regions around specific genes in the frog and human genomes shows that they are amazingly similar, indicating a high level of conservation of organization, or structure, on the chromosomes.
-UC Berkeley News Center

Likewise, we all have the reptilian complex (RC) part of the brain which is responsible for instinctual behaviors like aggression, dominance, territoriality, and ritualistic behavior, which we are all capable of at times. But the suffering that takes place on this earth, and has for hundreds of years, is not random and originates from a source that is more than just a group of greedy, selfish people. It’s becoming more believable that there may exist a population profoundly different from us than you could ever imagine. I’m going out on a very thin limb here and some, if not most, may question my sanity. Anyway, I’ve always thought that there is s practical reason for everything the happens. Everything is connected.

When I heard about the Reptilian Hybrid Theory on an episode of Vice one year ago, it instantly discredited that series in my eyes. It was disappointing because it seemed to be a credible and intelligent source of new information. It wasn’t until I listened to hour after hour of David Ickes’ version of the theory (while I worked in my studio) that I began to see a rebirth of credibility. His combination of science and history made too much sense to ignore any longer. I’ve looked into other sources as well and found many common threads, such as the ancient ruins in South Africa, photographed and researched by Michael Tellinger, which seem to be a vast system of superior sound technology used for energy. He also uncovered stones which he theorized could lift 2 ton boulders also using sound. These ruins date back thousands of years. But I thought we were the most advanced ones? Now this has been a long and winding road of discovery with many seemingly absurd ideas. But then again, is it absurd simply because it’s new and novel in a world of tunnel vision? So let me ask two questions. Are we the only planet with life forms and was there life on other planets before us pure-bred humans? High school history books exclude this evidence of advanced technology. Maybe we are not the advanced species we are lead to believe we are. Is it really that impossible to think there may have been a species different from humans with far more advanced technology and intelligence? It’s okay…take a few moments…or months to process that.

Okay, so where are these nonhuman beings? They must look noticeably different from us. Why don’t we ever see them? Well, that’s where light frequencies enter the picture. Mr. Icke goes into far more detail, but you’ll get the gist. Some frequencies we cannot see but it doesn’t mean they’re not present. With the proper light wavelength and intesity the invisible can become visible just as ultraviolet light can detect holograms on a drivers license. Apply this concept to life on earth, where we see only a tiny fragment of the light spectrum, and a new world is presented to us. Although this idea is fascinating, it is also a little…no, quite a bit disturbing. I mean, to know that there may be objects, or God knows what, right in front of you that you can’t see takes some getting used to.

To wrap up this strager-than-fiction concept, we have invisible light, the ability to change DNA, the power of the brain to time travel, and evidence of superior technology hidden from the general public. Just imagine the implications of this combination on what we know to be reality. I’ve been convinced that the world is kept in the dark about more inventions and discoveries than we could ever dream of. Based on what I know to be true about the coverups and tragedies like 9/11, nothing would surprise me. There is a controlling element playing us like a game of chess. It’s wasn’t until I really listened and assessed the new information, from a variety of sources, and kept my mind open, even when I wanted to be dismissive, that I came closer to the moment of truth. Only with the perfect balance of courage and curiosity was it possible for me to see the possibilities.

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