learn, teach, act


The milkweed pod has tiny brown seeds attached to a fluffy, white fiber. Some seeds will fall from the pod and plant in the current habitat. Though it does successfully propagate the plant, it ultimately does not help the species to survive in the long run. It is the few seeds the are carried by the wind that soar through the air to a new zone, away from the comfort of the familiar, and into a new world. Not many will survive to produce more plants, but the ones that do will be responsible for the salvation of the plant species.

Who will save the human species? We must establish one idea first. The suffering in the world is happening because people are not acting; at least not in the way that will make real and practical change. To me it seems we are too inwardly focused and not equally active outwardly. Spiritual growth through yoga, meditation, and inner analysis can be used as a tool for change in the “self” or a tool to discipline ourselves, learn to depend on ourselves and know our mental strength. This is a very valuable and necessary tool. However, it is only a tool. I believe it is our responsibility, as a healthy humans; intelligent, with a strong mind and a strong heart, to literally remove ourselves from the comfort zone and courageously confront the ills of this world. I honestly believe that we have a chance to change the course of the present conditions; the wars, the made up terrorism, the military police, division of nations through politics, religion, and race, the starving in 3rd world countries, the genocide, everything. We have the numbers. There have always been charitable groups and organizations that confront and offer solutions to global strife and have offered aid to those in need. Now we need to ask ourselves if we are really getting to the source of these issues. I now see a common denominator to many, if not all, of the catastrophic problems we face today in the world. These conditions are carefully monitored and controlled by the few. This is the seed that must be planted. Its a very specific variety. It’s very rare and its called the seed of awareness. I’ve always been a free thinker with a mind that loves to analyze and figure things out. This awareness has set me on the journey of a lifetime. Sometime I think I’ve anticipated this challenge and now hungry for it. My sense that something is not right with my surroundings is finally validated. I see it is not within me, it is reality , everyone’s reality because it is fact.

My goal is to coordinate a group locally to discuss and plan action. I know that I need to get out of my comfort zone and, although public speaking is not something I’m used to, I think I can, with the help of others get the message across, educate, offer new ideas, and ultimately change this course. I refuse to just describe the problem. I want to do something about it. I feel I’m in a place of security, mental strength, and motivated spirit to take the next step of application. I could sit here and watch the destruction happen. This is not about myself, it is about real bad stuff happening in the world as I write this. I try to gently reveal the truths that I discover through nature’s systems. But just like nature it can be brutal. It’s so difficult when the truth is so ugly. I could keep learning and learning and learning, and then teach it to others. However, only when we, as a united group, apply this knowledge in a practical outward action will things begin to change. We need a practical plan; action channeled toward real issues. They will not resolve themselves. Like the wind, we will carry the seeds of knowledge far and wide and use these seeds to grow new roots that will have the chance to thrive.

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