time for truth



Frequency and vibration are terms I hear a lot lately. Good vibes, bad vibes…what do they really mean and are you sure you know which is which? So good vibes are when one is happy and displaying positive behavior and bad vibes are when one is sad and displaying negative behavior. But are those the only emotions, behaviors, and states of mind for which a vibe can be assigned? How about fear, denial, frustration, ignorance, apathy, unrelenting boastfulness? Some of these are a little harder to pin down. They may be bad vibes acting like good vibes. Pretending to be happy is not high frquencey nor is ignoring the dark side of the world. The world does have a dark side. It’s the law of nature; good/bad, light/dark, up/down, and so on. I’ve found, in my 47 years on this physical planet, this is just how it works. It’s okay to feel sad or angry. Suppressing these feelings is not enlightenment. Facing the darkness in the world creates opportunity to change it.

I’ve lived pretty much all my life as a highly sensitive person. I think I spoke of this before. I feel more than I see or hear. This gift (or curse) has been a challenge for me in ways I never understood before. I now see the effects that a decaying world is truly having on me and I really don’t expect anyone else to understand it just like I shouldn’t claim to truly understand another’s reality. I’m not very good at managing the sadness and anger that are very natural emotions to have when one is in touch with the truth about this country and the crimes against its own people. Believe it or not, anger is a real human emotion that people feel when a wrong has been done. Not allowing these emotions to be expressed and acknowledged is a mistake. I’ve never been able to just ignore things that don’t feel right. They will taunt me until I explode. I’m not advocating explosive behavior, I need to work on that, but understand that some of us who live day after day year after year as a highly sensitive person, absorbing every frequency that surrounds us is a daunting task. Tell me that wouldn’t be a challenge to constantly be filtering through all the sensory input in a world run by evil. Yes, evil, bad stuff, pain of our fellow humans; these things do exist to an unconscionable degree right now all over the world. Much of the true news is hidden from the masses, but it’s there if you look. In my opinion, it’s everyone’s responsibility to care about what’s happening outside of ourselves. We are all in this together and ignoring it will not make it go away. This truth has come to a tipping point, especially in the last decade or so. I connect with over 1000 people on Facebook from all over the world. That’s the beauty of the Internet. Traveling is not necessary to learn about life in other places. It’s almost better because I hear about the little things in their lives over time, and not just a week or two of touring the most popular attractions. From what I’ve learned, other countries have many of the same issues we have here, but the difference is that the people are paying attention more so than we are. America is the most asleep of all and many just bury their head in the sand.

Activism is the best way to create change. For example, those who are passive would not be benefiting from the activism of those who stood up against GMO’s and GMO labeling. Once again, by not saying anything, you are acquiescing your civil liberties to those who are in power and you are basically allowing them to do so.-IN5D

This is the part of the circle of New Age thought that leaves me frustrated. I don’t like labels but I see a pattern of a very counterproductive philosophy infiltrating the truth. I’m frustrated with the ignorance that will be this country’s and world’s demise. I actually agree with most of the messages that could be called New Agish, and I’ve benefited from the power they hold. There is a limit however. I won’t throw the baby out with the bath water. I really never knew what “New Age” meant until I looked into it and discovered it was this repeated attitude of “just focus on the good and ignore the rest” and “it’s all about the self” I’ve been encountering. I understand taking care of yourself, but I can’t overlook the element of denial that I sense in communities with this basic philosophy. I’m just struggling with the underlying message that hyper focuses on what is good for the self and ignores anything negative outside the self. Ignoring feeds ignorance. Ignorance is low frquencey. Anger is low frequency. Ignorance makes me angry because it shuts down knowledge. Knowledge helps us right the wrong through action. Change ignorance by seeking truth. Truth has no frequency; it’s a constant. The more we accept reality or truth, the higher our frequency will become.

There is a place and time for everything. But this is a time like no other. The world is in serious danger and it’s crunch time to wake up. When is a good time for the truth? Seems like never for many. The purpose of this blog was to help myself but also to help others understand what I see and feel and know through hours of filtering through information, comparing, assessing, analyzing, and making connections. The thing is I can’t force someone to read it, I can only encourage them to. I try to find reasons why a person would not read it. Maybe it’s just they don’t have time or maybe they are not interested or maybe it’s fear of learning something. We all have things we are interested in and tend to seek out information on those topics and beliefs we have. The problem with that is it becomes a hamster wheel of knowledge. It goes around and around, but stays in one place. At this point in time we don’t have that luxury to stay safe in ours walls doing our thing. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to enjoy life when the trees are dying from 20 million tons of aluminum being sprayed from drones in the sky (which is not great for humans either), or when the government allows GMOs and deadly pesticides to be added to our food, when the APA pushes drugs on children and those who are not fitting into the status quo of control, when a child sees her father, who was traumatized by a war that the leaders of this country helped instigate in the name of power and money, suffer the residual effects of  living in a war zone, or when a child witnesses her mother, who had been traumatized by an illness that was very likely bioengineered in this country and paralyzed her for over a year, struggle physically and emotionally every day of her life. My hope is to express what I’ve learned about the serious decay of the world and understnd the reasons for it.

My passion should not be mistaken for hate or negativity. The truth is not negative or positive. It just is. It will not go away. We have to face it, preferably together. I understand the fear, I feel it too, but together we can stop the evil that is sabotaging this planet and all life on it. We have to be practical in the approach and forgive me for not being very good at controlling my passion and frustration in face to face encounters. This is why writing instead of speaking is a better means of expression for me. The issues we face permeate every aspect of our existence making it almost impossible to avoid conversations that are void of the topics. I’m responding to the force of ignorance that provokes a profound sadness in every cell of my being. Forgive me for caring. Forgive me for giving a shit.

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the whole truth


Queen Anne’s Lace is a delicate, airy flower with a strong, solid stem and leaves which are finely divided. The flowers are tiny and dull white, clustered in flat, dense umbels with a single deep purple or reddish speck of a bloom just off center. This dark fleck of petals, distracting yet intriguing, is still a mystery to flower enthusiasts. The umbels mimic the overall structure of the flower as a whole and are each an individual, miniature version of the flower itself with the same functions and systems but on a smaller scale. Each cluster is it’s own compartment functioning independently yet alongside the other flower clusters. It’s a botanical community of sorts, made up of miniature versions of itself with each functioning as a self-sufficient entity.

Our human community operates in much the same way. Groups of people working, playing, living. We are all busy going about our day focused on our tasks. Do we really bother to notice anyone’s else’s agenda? We function in our own compartments throughout the day having very little knowledge of what the neighbors are up to. It is also not unlike the manner in which governmental agencies routinely operate. The basis for compartmentalization is the idea that if fewer people know the details of a mission or task, the risk or likelihood that the information will fall into the hands of the opposition is decreased. It’s a way to control information when an unpopular or immoral agenda is involved. As a matter of fact, an estimated 130,000 people worked on the atom bomb but we’re completely unaware of the goal or purpose of the project. When a job is divided into so many small tasks which are accomplished separately with very little interaction between workers, departments, or offices, secrets are much easier to keep. Just as the umbels of this lacey prairie flower create their own self-contained structure, our governing bodies have evolved into secretive networks, but with the most sinister of intentions.

Which brings me to a sobering phenomenon know as Capstone Drills, specifically the one that took place on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Conneticut. In an attempt to convince the naysayers of this unconscionable lie told by our government, I stumbled upon information about these drills which could explain how the lie, known as Sandy Hook, was staged. Most will tend to grasp at straws of rationalization to counter the possibility of a drill presented as real life. I’ve heard some say that it’s not possible to contrive the event because people are just not that smart to pull it off. But it’s not about being smart. It’s about money, death threats, and a corrupt government, especially that of Conneticut. Wolfgang Halbig, a National School Safety Consultant, has made it his mission to expose this lie.

“The American people need to wake up and listen to what these exercises are. A Homeland Security FEMA Capstone Exercise starts at the White House, at the president’s desk, goes all the way through Congress, through the Attorney General, down through the FBI, all the way down to the local government. It is a whole community event, and that’s what I think happened at Sandy Hook.”

So these drills are common and those involved are just practicing, but what they are not aware of is that there is a possibility that it will be “sold” to the public as a real event. I know, pretty awful, right? Unfortunately this psychological operation is being used more and more lately, or maybe I’m just more awake now. The drill is the cover and motive to coordinate all the players or actors. Some, like the parents, are in “the know” because they have to sell out their whole family and take all those fake family photos and then make arrangements to lobby and travel the world the very next week for gun control. Others, like the hired actors, are just there to do a job, but must sign a confidentiality agreement. This explanation is from the fema.gov website referring to a Capstone Drill:

The exercise is national in scope with the goal of fostering coordination and building relationships prior to an incident occurring. Each exercise cycle varies from drills to functional assessments, and it challenges participants from all levels of government, non-governmental and private sector organizations and other organizations representing the whole community.

The agency defines “actor/role players” as “controllers who simulate members of non-participating organizations, and role play key individuals such as injured personnel. They may come in face-to-face contact with the responders, functioning semi-independently as media reporters, next-of-kin, or injured personnel. They may be members of a control cell with telephone communication being the only interaction with responders.” [DOE G 151.1-1, Vol. 7]

Behind the scenes, top-level officials of these agencies are most likely aware of the deception at some point, but the other hundreds of agency employees are just completing a task, unaware of the sinister goal. The mastermind of these deceptive events is as mysterious as the solitary blemish decorating the visage of Queen Anne’s Lace. However, in nature there is no agenda. The deep purple petals serve and protect the flower in some way, but the entity behind false flags like Sandy Hook, only serves and protects a grand lie.


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dead is a four-letter word


What a cruel joke. Give me the beauty of a spring day and the gentle whisper of a fragrant breeze. Then ask me to leave it all behind. Do the blossoms know that when the spring turns to summer they will wilt and fall from their branches? Do the rabbits know that there will come a day that they nibble their last sweet leaf of clover and robins sing their last morning song? Does the weeping willow know something the other trees don’t?

Death is natural and we humans all know it’s inevitable. With every life created so is, ultimately, another death. My grandma use to say, “think of death only once a day and then move on.” I think that sums up the best way to acknowledge mortality. No denial and no obsession. Perfect.

Nature always seems so content. I try to view myself as one with nature, as part of the whole. It’s quite challenging to live as one with the world when the status quo tries so diligently to separate us from nature. Humans need objects. We need stuff. We have been conditioned to depend on things for contentment and distraction from life’s curve balls. Our world of physicality has left us more fearful of death then ever before. Much of western society is focused on material possessions and fear of losing them. Just like our physical bodies, the thought of not being at all in the physical world is incomprehensible. The farther we drift from the spirit and the unseen the more dependent we become on objects for security. People are conditioned to rely on things instead of ideas; caught up in the tangible and lots of it. The bare necessities is such an archaic concept, especially here in America, land of consumption. Our materialistic society has made us slaves to objects. The distractions are everywhere. The numbers of products we purchase is shameful. I personally don’t shop like I used to. It’s actually something I loathe. I’m turned off by excess. Just enough is plenty. In sharp contrast, the sinister minds behind the planning of 9/11 are motivated by a psychotic obsession with money and power which has trickled down to the masses. They also control the movie industry and television/cable networks. Oh yes, they are cranking out as much fear-inducing and life-destroying entertainment it takes to make death the most unnatural and scary concept to face. Instead of respecting the integrity of death, we are conditioned by a death culture that exploits the end of life and diminishes the integrity of this natural phenomenon. Likewise, glorifying consumerism is a deliberate attempt to keep us dependent on stuff and creates a society in which the concept of death and the nonphysical is something to constantly fear and avoid for as long as possible. Religions were cleverly constructed to divide and control masses of people through fear. I guess the notion of life after death is comforting, but why call it life when it is death? Is death a dirty word?

It’s becoming more and more challenging to offset the death culture of recent decades. How many CSI spin offs are really necessary to fulfill the public’s need to process the concept of death? A prime time mini series is probably not the best way to come to terms with our mortality. In actuality, it’s more a way to distance people from the reality of death by only confronting it vicariously through actors and scripts. Our society seems to wildly shift from fearing death to taunting and exploiting it. Skydiving is as popular a pastime as golf. These extremes may be the result of mixed messages of the status quo. False flags, utter lies, and staged tragedies in the news keep us traumatized, easily manipulated, and desensitized to the death of others. Possessions are illusions of security and that’s how the ruling elite, the powers that control our world view, want us to live.

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think it terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
-Nikola Tesla

Our country and the rest of the world had to process the death of our fellow citizens on 9/11, the boldest and most sinister of any violation against Americans by our own government. The land of opportunity has made fools of us all. The American Dream has turned into a nightmare.

In that instant, all Americans simultaneously came face-to-face with death. A terror of death suddenly resurfaced from beneath the comfortable, security-generating symbolic universe that had served to repress that fear. The anthrax attacks soon after September 11 produced the same response of fear, as does the general threat of nuclear annihilation. The general response to these threats seems to suggest that fear is a natural response to the threat of death, and that direct confrontation with the possibility of death can erode the symbolic buffers that cultures erect between individuals and death.
-C.C. Moore

Why can’t we just live in peace? Maybe that’s just not the plan. Nature is beautiful but also brutally honest. So to be one with nature is to be brutally honest with ourselves.

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moment of truth


Clarity…that’s how I would describe it. When I began this journey I had specific questions about specific events. I found some answers with plenty of evidence to back them up. But along the way I also found answers to questions I didn’t even know I had; information that was frightening and unsettling, yet intriguing and enlightening. At first I was focused on events like 9/11 and Sandy Hook, looking for reasons why the third tower fell like a demolition and why medical helicopters weren’t called to a mass shooting. But little did I know that these events were only symptoms of the disease. I mean, seemingly unrelated events and phenomenon connected in intricate tapestry of eye-opening truth.

Recently, I began to go off the beaten path, not only on my walks in the prairie, but in the forest of my mind. The flashes of blinding light reveals the towering tree of knowledge in this storm of consciousness and insight. The path of thoughts ascends and winds with new discoveries at every turn. So let’s see what else is behind the invisible curtain of deception.

We can all agree that the mind is a powerful tool, but also one that can be manipulated. Based on personal experience, I’m aware of the ability of the mind to transport oneself into a new reality, like having a dream when still awake. During treatment for a so-called manic episode a few years ago, I experienced a profound nostalgic wave of emotion; uncomfortable and disturbing due to its persistence and lingering presence. The neurons that were firing like lightening were, by a powerful pharmaceutical, slowed down so much so that I felt I was reliving some long-forgotten memory from a distant past, in a different place and time. The means by which this experience was induced is irrelevent to my point. The fact is that the mind is the control center which can take it all in or block it all out.

I’m more and more convinced that my off-the-charts anxiety is, in part, the result of a society so against my natural grain that a point comes when it must be released. It becomes rather exhausting to keep up defenses in a world that can be cruel and antagonistic. It’s not to say that illness can’t effect the brain, just like any other body part, but the drugs dished out to people these days is absurd. I think conditions like depression and anxiety have organic origins but are also created and programmed into us through,not only media, but religions based on fear and an education system, which is largely based on rigidly collaborated information, and a heirachy system that reveals new scientific discoveries in a calculated manner, if at all. Our society is forced to live in reptilian-brain survival mode to defend against a profoundly selfish and cold entity of power. I once thought people could do the unthinkable because they simply lack empathy, but I never considered why they lack empathy. There are those who seem to move through life with consistently bad behavior, using people and hurting people. We could blame brain chemsitry or personality disorders, but there may be something deeper than the DSM IV. Just look at the leaders of many countries including our own. Sad, but true. I’ve even wondered how they can even be the same species as others. I now see other possiblities which better explain ruthless behavior behind unnecessary wars based on lies, the hoarding of life-saving technology, and the poisoning of our food supply. Are these individuals even human?

Now consider DNA. It’s what makes us human. An oversimplified comparison would be that of a software program inside the body that expresses its physical characteristics. Much human DNA has quite a bit in common with other nonhuman species and, just like a computer program, it can be manipulated to change the output. Remember cloning? I’m not condoning this practice. I’m simply making my point. It seems to make sense to me, but I know the religious repercussions of this topic so, again, my purpose is not to debate, just to suggest. If you are on board with evolution then you’re convinced that we have evolved from apes. But why rule out other species? I mean reptiles were here long before apes or humans and they still exist. Now that’s a hardy species.

According to Uffe Hellsten of DOE’s Joint Genome Institute, a comparison of regions around specific genes in the frog and human genomes shows that they are amazingly similar, indicating a high level of conservation of organization, or structure, on the chromosomes.
-UC Berkeley News Center

Likewise, we all have the reptilian complex (RC) part of the brain which is responsible for instinctual behaviors like aggression, dominance, territoriality, and ritualistic behavior, which we are all capable of at times. But the suffering that takes place on this earth, and has for hundreds of years, is not random and originates from a source that is more than just a group of greedy, selfish people. It’s becoming more believable that there may exist a population profoundly different from us than you could ever imagine. I’m going out on a very thin limb here and some, if not most, may question my sanity. Anyway, I’ve always thought that there is s practical reason for everything the happens. Everything is connected.

When I heard about the Reptilian Hybrid Theory on an episode of Vice one year ago, it instantly discredited that series in my eyes. It was disappointing because it seemed to be a credible and intelligent source of new information. It wasn’t until I listened to hour after hour of David Ickes’ version of the theory (while I worked in my studio) that I began to see a rebirth of credibility. His combination of science and history made too much sense to ignore any longer. I’ve looked into other sources as well and found many common threads, such as the ancient ruins in South Africa, photographed and researched by Michael Tellinger, which seem to be a vast system of superior sound technology used for energy. He also uncovered stones which he theorized could lift 2 ton boulders also using sound. These ruins date back thousands of years. But I thought we were the most advanced ones? Now this has been a long and winding road of discovery with many seemingly absurd ideas. But then again, is it absurd simply because it’s new and novel in a world of tunnel vision? So let me ask two questions. Are we the only planet with life forms and was there life on other planets before us pure-bred humans? High school history books exclude this evidence of advanced technology. Maybe we are not the advanced species we are lead to believe we are. Is it really that impossible to think there may have been a species different from humans with far more advanced technology and intelligence? It’s okay…take a few moments…or months to process that.

Okay, so where are these nonhuman beings? They must look noticeably different from us. Why don’t we ever see them? Well, that’s where light frequencies enter the picture. Mr. Icke goes into far more detail, but you’ll get the gist. Some frequencies we cannot see but it doesn’t mean they’re not present. With the proper light wavelength and intesity the invisible can become visible just as ultraviolet light can detect holograms on a drivers license. Apply this concept to life on earth, where we see only a tiny fragment of the light spectrum, and a new world is presented to us. Although this idea is fascinating, it is also a little…no, quite a bit disturbing. I mean, to know that there may be objects, or God knows what, right in front of you that you can’t see takes some getting used to.

To wrap up this strager-than-fiction concept, we have invisible light, the ability to change DNA, the power of the brain to time travel, and evidence of superior technology hidden from the general public. Just imagine the implications of this combination on what we know to be reality. I’ve been convinced that the world is kept in the dark about more inventions and discoveries than we could ever dream of. Based on what I know to be true about the coverups and tragedies like 9/11, nothing would surprise me. There is a controlling element playing us like a game of chess. It’s wasn’t until I really listened and assessed the new information, from a variety of sources, and kept my mind open, even when I wanted to be dismissive, that I came closer to the moment of truth. Only with the perfect balance of courage and curiosity was it possible for me to see the possibilities.

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graceful resistance



Overwhelmed barely describes what I’m feeling lately. I’ve realized that the tragedy of 9/11 was just the tip of the melting iceberg. My fight for truth has been momentarily suppressed by a dominating force of helplessness. I willingly seek out information at the risk of being defeated by the truth. I need some time to sort out the latest lies. I’m constantly assessing the validity of stories told by talking heads. Through sleepy eyes I witness the breakdown of the illusion. I see the walls of my world crumble leaving me choking on their dust. I even long for the security of a false reality; a simpler time. Meanwhile I’m met face to face with the raw knowledge of life. But at the same time I’m grateful for the awkening I’ve been experiencing for some time now. Why does enlightenment feel so heavy? I guess the end of the journey is when I stop carrying the weight of the world and let it float by.

I’ve spoken about vibes and frequencies that I pick up on in my environment, especially the last few years when I began to open my mind’s eye to the unsettling events of this new millennium. One opened door leads to another. The feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop is increasingly intense. The heroes are actors, the leaders are liars, and the people are pawns in this universe game. I will pursue my mission of awakening, not just within myself but in others around me. The goal is the same but the process I must tweak. I’m trading in my fight for a balance between control and surrender. I envision a sort of dance, knowing when to take the lead and when to follow and observe. As I go further and further through this fog of reality I begin to feel my rage turn to grace, my fear turn to understanding, and my grief turn to acceptance. Don’t misinterpret my new approach as giving up. It’s simply a way of allowing the forces of nature to carry me until I can fly on my own.

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learn, teach, act


The milkweed pod has tiny brown seeds attached to a fluffy, white fiber. Some seeds will fall from the pod and plant in the current habitat. Though it does successfully propagate the plant, it ultimately does not help the species to survive in the long run. It is the few seeds the are carried by the wind that soar through the air to a new zone, away from the comfort of the familiar, and into a new world. Not many will survive to produce more plants, but the ones that do will be responsible for the salvation of the plant species.

Who will save the human species? We must establish one idea first. The suffering in the world is happening because people are not acting; at least not in the way that will make real and practical change. To me it seems we are too inwardly focused and not equally active outwardly. Spiritual growth through yoga, meditation, and inner analysis can be used as a tool for change in the “self” or a tool to discipline ourselves, learn to depend on ourselves and know our mental strength. This is a very valuable and necessary tool. However, it is only a tool. I believe it is our responsibility, as a healthy humans; intelligent, with a strong mind and a strong heart, to literally remove ourselves from the comfort zone and courageously confront the ills of this world. I honestly believe that we have a chance to change the course of the present conditions; the wars, the made up terrorism, the military police, division of nations through politics, religion, and race, the starving in 3rd world countries, the genocide, everything. We have the numbers. There have always been charitable groups and organizations that confront and offer solutions to global strife and have offered aid to those in need. Now we need to ask ourselves if we are really getting to the source of these issues. I now see a common denominator to many, if not all, of the catastrophic problems we face today in the world. These conditions are carefully monitored and controlled by the few. This is the seed that must be planted. Its a very specific variety. It’s very rare and its called the seed of awareness. I’ve always been a free thinker with a mind that loves to analyze and figure things out. This awareness has set me on the journey of a lifetime. Sometime I think I’ve anticipated this challenge and now hungry for it. My sense that something is not right with my surroundings is finally validated. I see it is not within me, it is reality , everyone’s reality because it is fact.

My goal is to coordinate a group locally to discuss and plan action. I know that I need to get out of my comfort zone and, although public speaking is not something I’m used to, I think I can, with the help of others get the message across, educate, offer new ideas, and ultimately change this course. I refuse to just describe the problem. I want to do something about it. I feel I’m in a place of security, mental strength, and motivated spirit to take the next step of application. I could sit here and watch the destruction happen. This is not about myself, it is about real bad stuff happening in the world as I write this. I try to gently reveal the truths that I discover through nature’s systems. But just like nature it can be brutal. It’s so difficult when the truth is so ugly. I could keep learning and learning and learning, and then teach it to others. However, only when we, as a united group, apply this knowledge in a practical outward action will things begin to change. We need a practical plan; action channeled toward real issues. They will not resolve themselves. Like the wind, we will carry the seeds of knowledge far and wide and use these seeds to grow new roots that will have the chance to thrive.

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the truth is in the details


The beauty of flowers is undeniable whether it’s a field of poppies, a bunch of daisies, or a single rose. We enjoy their vibrant hues, aromatic fragrances, and ornamental foliage. Personally, I cannot say I ever saw one I didn’t like. That is the purpose of the flower, to attract. Birds, insects, and butterflies cannot resist their tantalizing power either, although for a the more practical purpose of reproducing. Nevertheless, we can all agree that flowers are nature’s most perfect creations. But look closer. They are not all perfect. In fact, some are called imperfect. That is, unlike other flowers that self pollinate, imperfect flowers are either male or female. You would never know by their outward appearance. We just see a beautiful flower, but the mechanisims within it is what defines it’s purpose as a male flower or a female flower to make more flowers. Behind the petals there is a completely unique system at work in each. In the male flower you would find a stamen and anthers, and in the female flower you find filaments, pistil, and stigma. So there is more than meets the eye. It’s the details that tell the true story, which can be very different from the story at a glance.

A glance is what our society is accustomed to. We do not have time to deal with details. Just give me the short version; direct and to the point. I saw a commercial the other day that was literally 4.5 seconds. This is our attention span? I think we are conditioned by these ads to turn off our critical thinking and only tune into short, quick flashes of information. It is very important to be aware of this phenomenon so as not to gloss over pertinent facts. Only when we have the full story, the details, can we make an intelligent judgement of any situation.

As a society we no longer have the luxury of trusting the mainstream news. They have lied too many times. The more they get away with it the more they will continue to lie. The latest big lie took place on December 12, 2012. I first heard of the Sandy Hook Incident from someone at work. I was stunned; stopped dead in my tracks. Then through a phone call I learned that a co-worker was the aunt of one of the victims and they wanted me to know before I found out elsewhere. So we gathered money, sent flowers, all the things you do when this sort of thing happens. It was truly a devastating and difficult year for everyone. I’ve since left this job but decided one night, a year later, to see how the family was getting along and knowing how vocal they were in the political arena, I was interested in how much progress they made. What I found was, to say the least, a shocker. Why were there so many sites dedicated to proving this shooting was a lie? I think it was several hours before I put down my iPad and still could not understand what just happened. Of course, I’m convinced we were lied to about 9/11, but I did not see this coming. Anyway, needless to say, I had a lot of reading and listening to do.

I’m very careful about what choose to believe. Facts are very important, but so is intuition. I’ve spoken about this before and I understand that everyone has different degrees of the ability to sense the authenticity of others. Some have very strong defenses using denial or avoidance of uncomfortable feelings. I suppose for me, I don’t like confrontations any more then the next guy, but often times I choose it as the lesser of the two evils; the other being gut-wrenching anxiety and ruptured brain cells from thinking too much. Well, researching the incident brought many facts to light. One of the most courageous people in the search for truth is Wolfgang Halgib. As a retired School Safety Consultant who played a huge role in changes for school safety after the Columbine Shooting. Here are some questions Mr. Halgib is trying to get answers to but has been shunned, ignored, and threatened. We need the details.

Why were EMTs were not allowed in the school to help the wounded children? Who declared them dead in eight minutes when only a doctor can declare a person legally dead. Who is the “anonymous source” the news referred to when reporting the incident? Why were no medical trauma helicopters called? Why did the FBI classify all information about the case? Where was the footage of the 500+ children that were evacuated? We saw 9 on the news. Why is the order for the port-a-potties classified? Why were there Christmas trees behind the fire station shortly before the shooting which were said to be donated for each child? These are just a few of the questions. The list goes on and on. There is a system at work here that does not want to be found out. After months of reading and analyzing the information I believe that nobody was killed in this incident. That’s the good news. The bad news is we cannot trust the folks who would traumatize the public to further their political agenda nor can we trust the news that reports these staged events appearing innocent as a rose.

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nature speaks

Sometimes the silence is deafening. I feel it in the space between me and everyone around me. Those unspoken words silenced by the status quo. The feeling of loneliness increases exponentially when it’s felt in a crowd. The connections between the people in our society are becoming almost nonexistent and it seems the more social problems arise the quieter people get. The more devastating the news the bigger that elephant in the room gets. What the hell is happening? I’ve seen the changes in the past decades, from the layed-back 70s to the materialistic 80s, from the pissed-off 90s to the first decade of the millennium (whatever that’s called), and we all know what it’s famous for. Now we come to the for-God-sake-wake-up decade. Never before has this country faced such a bold and blatant attempt to divide and control its citizens.

“How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.”-Adolf Hitler

I really think our culture thrives on being better, stronger, faster. Is that really what it’s about? There is nothing wrong with healthy competition, but when it divides us it is no longer beneficial and even detrimental to our survival. This is where we can learn from the natural world. In nature everything is connected. Every plant, tree, and insect relies on each other. Humans are so obsessed with making things better and becoming richer when nature has used the same process from the beginning. Nothing needs improvement. We have become, in general, mindless consumers. It’s time to turn off the propaganda tube and look right in front of us. The person there is who we should be talking to about what matters. The lying going on in the news is just absurd. You have to ask, why? Why the lies? Any reasonable person would wonder why the elaborate staging of a horrific mass murder of children, Sandy Hook, would ever take place. There must be a reason, a greater plan,as sick and twisted as it is.  It’s becoming ridiculous, especially to those who have researched the events in great detail. My hope is to, eventually, be able to speak openly without offending. But see, that is part of the plan, which is to make the scenario so horrific that one could not possibly fathom it being untrue; hidden in plain sight, so to speak. This is where the thinking comes in. If 9/11 could be a lie, ANYTHING can be a lie. We need everyone’s attention and concern. All it takes is looking a little deeper, asking questions and, ultimately, making the truth a priority.

I wondered if communication existed between plants. I was amazed at what I found. Even trees look out for each other.

The evidence for plant communication is only a few decades old, but in that short time it has leapfrogged from electrifying discovery to decisive debunking to resurrection. Two studies published in 1983 demonstrated that willow trees, poplars and sugar maples can warn each other about insect attacks: Intact, undamaged trees near ones that are infested with hungry bugs begin pumping out bug-repelling chemicals to ward off attack. They somehow know what their neighbors are experiencing, and react to it. The mind-bending implication was that brainless trees could send, receive and interpret messages.
-Kat McGowen, Wired

Do we as humans think we are above this and mind our own business? Are we conditioned to separate ourselves from each other? I strongly believe that there is a deliberate attempt to keep us as “busy bees”, frantic to accomplish a task or buy a new toy, too busy to even acknowledge each other’s feelings, too afraid to speak about important information, and too manipulated to think freely. We have lost our common sense.

We are good people and we deserve better. We need each other to survive. Personally, I’ve never been more satisfied with my life. I’m happy. I’m loved. I’m warm. I live simply. I want the same for my 5-year-old niece and I’m sure everyone wants the same for those they love who will carry on when we are gone. It hurts to think she or her children may not have the same freedom we have, but are slowly and subtly losing. The folks who think they can create a more perfect world by controlling every person are overlooking the intrinsic value of every human being in the name of power. In nature there is just enough. Not too little not too much. Balanced. No waste. They are not the judge and jury of who is worthy. Nature does not discriminate. The meadow has room for all the flowers and the view is priceless.

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truth and vibes



It’s estimated that 15% of people in our society are considered highly sensitive. That is, they take in sensory information more completely and on a deeper level; running at a higher vibration than others. After much denial I’ve accepted this about myself. I’m not trying to promote myself; believe me I’m only now trying to use my sensitivity for a greater purpose. Everyone has had those “gut” feelings at some point in their lives, but many highly sensitive people never get relief from this experience. This may also explain why I’m so uncomfortable with injustice. I’m just not able to dismiss the feeling that something just doesn’t feel right. Recently I revisited a book which I purchased in my twenties called The Highly Sensitive Person by Dr. Arron. I remember buying it to try and figure out why I don’t seem to fit into this loud, fast, and sometimes down right cruel world. The author pointed out that people with this trait are more profoundly effected by outside stimuli. Noises are louder, lights are brighter (I wear sunglasses when it’s cloudy, don’t use lights at home just candles, and have my husband install dimmers), smells are smellier, and thank you to the inventor of micro fiber blankets. Trust me this is not something I ever wanted people to know especially when I was a kid trying to just be “normal”. It really can be quite exhausting just to exist. Anyway, welcome to my reality. They say many creative people have this trait, or curse, depending how you look at it. As a young adult I was always deeply effected by the pain or discomfort of others and went to great lengths to try and remedy the situation. Fairness and equality are very important to me. Although it is a noble quality, it also can make everyday life exremely challenging. I can remember having very emotionally-charged conversations with others when it came to justice and fairness. It’s not to say that others are insensitive, it’s just pointing out that there are degrees and those who have the highest sensitivity can be extremely valuable to society.

A culture always benefits when some people, usually the HSPs, are concerned about social justice. This is true whether the HSPs approach social issues logically or with feeling. We know that being fair and kind to all will bring the best long-term results for everyone, if for no other reason than we will avoid the wrath and the cost of suppressing those who have been mistreated.
-Dr. Arron

As a child and teenager I mainly focused my energies on those in my personal life, but now I find the events on a global scale are just as important to me. Our culture does not cater to the highly sensitive person, in other words, it’s not a privileged trait. We are a minority. That is why it is so important that we use our gift of intuition and share it with those who are willing to listen. I’ve been ridiculed by many for being too sensitive, even told “you will never make it in this world.” Needless to say that individual is not part of my life anymore. In my 46 years on this earth I’ve managed to keep my defenses in check in order to survive. Even though my sensitivity has made my life more challenging, I, like other HSPs, are here for a reason. My fellow citizens who see and feel the same discord in the world are actively engaged in the truth movement. What we lack in numbers we make up for in steady, determined, persistence. Like the circular vibrations created by a pebble thrown into a pristine pond, the vibrations of truth will radiate across our nation, world, universe. And even though the vibration will weaken the further out it travels, all it takes is another pebble to start new waves until the entire pond dances for truth.

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the seeing tree


I noticed this tree near my house and got out of my car to capture it. There was a powerful urge drawing me to it. Everything in my life seems to be taking on a deeper meaning. There is so much information passing through my mind lately; I will never be the same. I really don’t know what to make of this image. What has drawn me to it? At the risk of sounding paranoid, do you ever feel like we are being watched? I don’t mean by cameras but by some higher presence. Maybe it’s my conscience. Maybe it’s “God”. Maybe it’s Mother Nature herself. My awakening to the reality of this world and the way society is structured by the rich is weighing heavily on my emotions. The thought of people suffering because a few are greedy and have no respect for life, except their own, is a sobering and disturbing reality for me. I really never thought there was so much uneccessary pain inflicted on innocent people in the name of greed. I also, however, feel a presence of goodness too. The good people of the world are, and always have, fought the destructive, careless actions of the 1%. And the all-seeing eye is taking note of our demise, of the suffering and the sadness on this earth. But it also witnesses the love, courage, and kindness of humanity. We must begin to teach the new generations the importance of the earth and all its inhabitants. We will probably always be up against resistance of power and money, but my hope is that as the resistance becomes stronger we the people will also become stronger. It is a numbers game. The more of us that become proactive and really start to speak out and keep the dialogue alive, the better chance we have to remedy it. In a practical sense, we may not have the answers right now but we will have the passion and allow it to be our guide. It’s time to be aware of the slow and subtle deterioration of our world. I saw an image of a polar bear; this incredible, wild, king of the arctic helplessly and desparately holding on to a block of sea ice. The disconnection to these catastrophic changes will inevitably be a death sentence for animals and humanity. The oil companies have control and they are killing us. 9/11 was just the tip of the iceberg, pun very much intended. The oil families are willing to kill a couple thousand people in their own country not to mention the millions of innocent people in other countries to keep their empire going. These folks are getting away with murder and we are letting it happen. There are scientists and environmentalists that dedicate their lives to helping this world survive and offset the greedy people of the world. Many organizations exists to counter what these parasites of society have caused. With the support of compassionate people we have managed to keep our heads above water. But it’s time to hold others accountable too. It’s easy to become apathetic in the face of this challenge. But don’t give in to the messages that are systematically turning our minds to mush. The 1% of this country is stealing our rights to a healthy economy, clean food, and a future for new generations. It’s not an easy truth to accept, but the sooner more of us do the better off we all will be. Although the connection seems obscure and doesn’t seem to effect us or our lifestyle now, in the immediate future, the principle of the matter is as important as the actual circumstances.
The Native Americans had respect for nature. The more industrious a culture becomes the less respect they have for the perfect balance and systems of nature. We are so removed from the natural world that we become strangers to our innate need to connect to the earth. There is something missing in the elite culture that dominates and shapes our society. We are bombarded by ads and signs and destructive messages that keep us slaves to the material world and consumerism. It’s this consumerism that is ruining our earth and our society. The distractions set forth to keep our minds numb and feebly entertained lends itself to the apathy of our citizens. It keeps us isolated and focused too much on ourselves and obsessed with our happiness or lack there of. When will we notice the eyes of the trees with its pleading stare to have mercy on our earth and everything that grows on it. The eyes of the tree made a connection with me.

must teach your children that the ground beneath their feet is the ashes of your grandfathers.
So that they will respect the land, tell your children that the earth is rich with the lives of our kin.
Teach your children what we have taught our children, that the earth is our mother.
Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth.
If men spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves.
~ Unknown ~

The condition of our earth is the indirect result of an apathetic, disconnected population. It breaks my heart to see the suffering of wild animals that are at the mercy of corporations. If this continues there will come a time, probably not in my lifetime, but sooner then we think, when nature will breath her final breath and with her we will perish too. We as a society need to start demanding changes. No more poisoning our food with chemicals, no more planes spraying toxic clouds above, no more factory farms to mass produce cheap food that is killing us and imprisioning the animals that should be free to roam this beautiful earth. It’s time to become more conscious and allow our instincts to guide us through the lies to the truth. So I look in the eyes of the tree and feel it’s hopeful stare and gratitude for seeing eye to eye.

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